Losing weight by 1 kg per week is not a problem

If you need to attend a celebration but are not in perfect shape, learn how to lose 1 pound a week. This weight loss may seem trivial to some. Professional trainers and nutritionists believe that these results are optimal. The body gradually rebuilds, the body gets used to the changes and does not suffer from rapid weight loss.

To lose a pound in 7 days, you do not need to sit on strict low calorie diets and exhaust yourself with training. The achievements of modern medicines should also not be tested. If you understand the reasons for weight loss, how this mechanism is activated, you will understand that there is nothing very complicated in this process.

You must first calculate your body mass index (BMI). This indicator indicates the presence or absence of excess weight. Some girls, with a constant desire to lose weight, simply do not notice the results that have already been achieved. The BMI calculation lets you know if you need to lose weight or it is time to stop existing prices.

If you are still slightly overweight, develop a clear algorithm for further action, decide how you will lose weight. If you can not do it yourself, consult an experienced trainer or dietitian. Sometimes, in order to look attractive in a new outfit, you do not even need to lose weight; as long as you deal with muscle tone. By strengthening the body, you reduce its volume, while the weight remains practically unchanged. All options for improving your figure should be discussed with the coach, just tell him what goals you are pursuing.

Healthy weight loss principles

We will improve when the subcutaneous fat stores increase in the ribs, thighs and buttocks. In this way, the body accumulates incoming energy. If you eat more than you consume, the excess is stored as fat. When you reduce your calorie intake, the body receives the energy that is lacking in reserves, thus burning fat.

reduction of subcutaneous fat from the abdomen and ribs as a result of weight loss in a week

You should also not limit yourself too much to food. This is fraught with metabolic disorders. You can lose a pound a day, but this will not benefit the body. Fans of the rigid, low-carbohydrate diet experience serious health problems over time.

The principles of proper weight loss are quite simple:

  • Moderate calorie intake?
  • Avoid junk food.
  • Regular physical activity?
  • Adequate healthy sleep.
  • Adherence to the alcohol consumption regime - at least 1. 5 liters of water per day.

If you follow simple rules, no extra steps are required.

Full sleep is one of the rules for losing weight in a week

Basic weight loss techniques

There are three basic weight loss methods that work best in combination:

  • Diet?
  • Sports?
  • Additional cosmetic surgeries - massage, body treatments, sauna, Turkish bath.

Limiting diet and physical activity helps you lose weight, while massage improves skin tone and elasticity. You do not need to follow a strict diet or even refuse to eat. Study the list of forbidden foods, completely exclude them from the diet.

If you have never played sports, now is the time to dramatically change your life. It is necessary to gradually increase the intensity of the educational process. In the beginning, you can just walk for a long time. Launch the pedometer app on your smartphone to understand how far you cover, how fast you move, how many calories you burn. Sometimes that alone is enough to lose a pound a week.

the girl does a dumbbell exercise for fast weight loss in a week

If you are worried about cellulite on your thighs, you can do a proper massage. In seven days, it will be possible to improve the appearance of the skin, reduce the abundance. With professional anti-cellulite massage, no hematomas or bruises remain on the skin. See a massage therapist with a medical history. Experienced specialists are constantly improving their skills, mastering new massage techniques. Do not be surprised or upset if your body volume increases after the first sessions. The massage causes a slight swelling of the tissues. after a few days, the swelling will disappear, the shape will become more attractive.

When you achieve the desired result, do not stop. Keeping the body in good condition constantly gives excellent results. In this way, you not only improve your appearance, but also take care of your health.

jogging for weight loss in a week

The dangers of a hard diet

Some girls, trying to lose 1 pound a week, almost completely refuse food. They are sure that the body will burn more fat stores this way. This technique is dangerous and often ineffective. You will actually be able to lose a lot of weight in a week. The weight loss will not be even one kilo, but 3-5 kilos. But due to severe exhaustion, you will not be able to rejoice with such a result.

Prolonged hunger is stressful for the body. It starts to save energy, deactivates or slows down certain functions. You feel apathy, weakness, dizziness. When the diet is over, you want to eat everything and more. It's hard to stop. When the body returns to its normal diet, it begins to accumulate even more energy in the form of fat, fearing that hunger will be repeated in the future. Therefore, after strict diets, there is a chance that you will gain even more weight than before.

Metabolism is greatly slowed down by such erroneous experiments in your body. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Strict diets also affect health. Often, fans of this weight loss method have problems with the endocrine system, the work of the gastrointestinal tract is interrupted and other systems and functions fail.

possible disorder of the gastrointestinal tract during weight loss in a week

Can I use diet pills and tea

Another category of weight loss is the testing of all young pills, various teas for weight loss. Most of these products are dangerous to health. The active substances that are supposed to be natural preparations damage the internal organs, systems and functions of the human body.

The only action of diet pills is to remove fluid from the body. They have a laxative and urinary effect. When excess fluid is removed from the body, weight is also reduced, but this is not due to fat burning.

Some tablets contain strong psychotropic substances that have been banned for use almost all over the world. Such ingredients slightly reduce appetite, but the consequences of their long-term intake are deplorable. These drugs are often addictive. It is difficult to refuse to use them, even if one realizes that the pills do not have the desired effect.

To lose weight quickly and effectively, you should not resort to such measures. Just eat well and exercise regularly.

It is not recommended to take diuretics for weight loss in a week

Prohibited products

The following foods and dishes should be completely excluded from the diet:

  • Sweets, desserts, flour, baked goods
  • Carbonated drinks?
  • Snacks - chips, crackers, salted nuts
  • Canned food, semi-finished products?
  • Sausages, smoked meats?
  • Very fatty, spicy foods.
carbonated beverages should be excluded from the diet when you lose weight in a week

Steam or oven baking is recommended. Avoid frying in oil. In this way, you significantly increase the calorie content of the final dish. Do not eat dry food. Even if you do not have a kitchen at work, you can take with you a pot of cooked meat, chopped pieces and a vegetable salad. These foods do not need to be heated; you can eat them, unobtrusively, right in the workplace.

It is worth limiting the consumption of fruits and berries. They are allowed, but in small quantities and preferably in the morning. Increase your intake of protein products - meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, other fermented milk products, but try not to use too much salt and sugar. Refined sweeteners should be avoided altogether. You can add half a teaspoon of honey to the tea or a portion of cottage cheese.

honey as a sugar substitute during weight loss in a week

What type of physical activity do you prefer

Sports play an important role in the weight loss process. You can sign up for a gym, pool, gym or just jog in the morning. Do not overwork immediately. Gradually increase the load. If you train for 1-1, 5 hours three times a week, but do simple morning exercises at home every day, you can lose weight per pound or more in a week.

Fat is burned more actively during cardiac loads, when the heart rate is very fast. If you work out in the gym, start with a treadmill, running track or stationary bike. Give this type of load 20-30 minutes and then proceed to the power unit. In this way, all muscle groups are processed, the weight is lost well.

exercise while losing weight in a week

Losing 1 kg per week is not difficult, if you follow simple rules, follow the recommendations of the trainer and do not interrupt your diet. Do not stop there. If you return to an unhealthy, inactive lifestyle, then being overweight will become your constant companion. Over time, exercise and healthy eating will become a habit. You will surely find yourself thinking that you have no idea how you lived in the past.