25 Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

Diet alone is not a panacea for maintaining a normal weight and body mass index.expected result in weight lossMaking some changes in our lives, acquiring the right habits, we can go through this long and difficult road to harmony. But nothing is given immediately and easily. Here are some simple principles to help you start changing your life.

1. Check the feed time.

The process of absorbing food very quickly blocks the body's signals of fullness and often this factor is the cause of overeating. Set a timer for 20 minutes and try to eat slowly, without rushing. A slow meal like this is one of the best weight loss habits and promotes healthy digestion. Eat slowly, chewing well, enjoying each bite, until the alarm goes off. A slower pace of eating also means more satiety than smaller portions.

2. More sleep - less pounds.

Sleep has a positive effect on weight loss

According to researchers at the University of Michigan, an extra hour of sleep helps a person lose up to 6 pounds in a year. If you try to replace the usual meaningless snacks with sleep, you will reduce calorie intake by 6%. Of course, the results will be individual for each person, but sleep is an effective tool. In addition, if you sleep a lot, lack of sleep stimulates your appetite, making you feel brutally hungry almost all the time.

3. Three vegetables.

Try eating 3 raw vegetables for dinner today instead of your usual or a stew. Tricks like this always help. The high content of vegetables in fiber and fluids will help you feel fuller and have fewer calories and more nutrients. You can make a salad of these 3 vegetables, flavor it with lemon juice, just do not spoil this "storehouse of vitamins" with various fatty sauces (for example, mayonnaise) or spices.

4. His Majesty Soup.

Be sure to include the first lesson in your daily diet, because the soup offers not only long-term satiety, but also fewer calories. Choose minestrone or chicken broth. The good thing about soup is that it slows down your appetite, which is why it is so important to start your meal with the first dish. Try to avoid creamy soup, puree soup, as such soups are high in fat, which means they are very high in calories. But you can add as many fresh vegetables as you want - get creative!

5. Go to whole grains.

whole grains appear for weight loss

And this is the best choice for maintaining a healthy and strong digestive system. Brown rice, barley, oats, buckwheat, wheat - these are all secret strategies to fight obesity. Foods like these will help you get full and get fewer calories than other foods.

6. THESE things.

Hang your favorite dress, skirt or jeans that you can not fit in a prominent place. This will remind you that you are moving in the right direction. Choose something that is not too small for you, but fits very tightly and you can wear it even in the early stages of weight loss. This will be a small reward and a great incentive to move on. Then face your craziest dream - like last year's cocktail you haven't worn in a long time because of your overweight.

7. Eliminate the bacon.

Eliminate bacon, cold cuts or ham from your diet. No sandwiches! This simple action will help you avoid the extra 100 calories, which means an average loss of about 4. 5 pounds per year. Replace the bacon with something less nutritious. For example, fried peppers or tomatoes, goat cheese.

8. Make your own pizza.

Exchange pizza meat for vegetable garnish and you will reduce energy consumption by 100 calories. There are other tricks to pizza: replace regular cheese with low-fat goat cheese, choose thin instead of thick crust and the like.

9. Reduce the amount of sugar.

high calorie sugar

Replace 1 sugary fizzy drink with lemon water, iced sugar-free tea or some other low-calorie drink, and avoid eating 10 tablespoons of sugar a day. Experiment, add natural juice, mint, frozen berries in plain water. One study compared an extra 450 calories a day, from pill candies to soda. Candies unconsciously consumed fewer calories than sugary soft drinks. Soda fans gained 1 kg in 3 weeks.

10. Drink only from tall and narrow glasses.

Replace short thick glasses with tall and narrow thin glasses. So, you will drink 25-30% less juice, soda, wine or any other beverage. How will such a replacement help you lose weight? Brian Vansink, Ph. D. D. , argues that such visuals can affect the amount of food consumed. His research at Cornell University showed that people throw a lot more into large and low-glass glasses than they should, even experienced bartenders.

11. Limit alcohol consumption.

When the condition indicates alcohol consumption, try replacing it with low-calorie soft drinks. You should not replace strong alcoholic beverages with lighter ones: for example, alcoholic cocktails, beer, wine. There are 7 calories in 1 gram of alcohol, which is more than 1 gram of carbohydrates or protein (4 calories). Alcohol can also weaken your cravings somewhat, leading to careless consumption of chips, nuts and other "harmful" foods.

12. Drink green tea.

Regular consumption of green tea is known to promote weight loss and provide tangible benefits to the body. Some studies show that green tea can burn calories through the effects of phytochemicals called catechins. Catechins are antioxidants, and consuming them is a great way to boost your immune system. Just be careful, as green tea also contains caffeine, so try to consume this drink at 5 pm at the latest, so that it does not interfere with your sleep.

13. Yoga can help you lose weight.

According to research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, people who do yoga on a regular basis tend to weigh less than those who do not do yoga. What is the relationship between yoga and weight loss? In addition to the obvious benefits that such exercises provide, yoga also promotes a more substantial approach to eating. For example, even when ordering large meals at a restaurant, a yoga practitioner will never eat for future use, but will eat as much as he needs to satisfy his hunger. Researchers claim that the calm and self-awareness achieved through yoga helps people think about their eating habits, think about what they eat and eat at a slow, measured pace.

14. Use smaller plates.

smaller dishes will help you eat less

By replacing the regular plate with a smaller one, you automatically start eating less. Brian Vansink, Ph. D. D. , found in an experiment that people are eating more and more of larger meals. Use smaller dishes and this way you will "cut" the amount of daily calories consumed by 100-200, which is equivalent to losing 5-10 kg per year. During the Wensink experiment, none of the subjects experienced feelings of hunger and no one felt a lack of 200 calories per day.

15. "Catch" food breaks.

Most people, one way or another, experience a pause when, for example, during a meal, they stop eating and leave their fork for a few minutes to engage in conversation. Pay attention to your body signals and do not miss this moment. This means that you experience an initial feeling of fullness, so move the plate back and enjoy the conversation. It is very important not to miss such a signal - a pause.

16. Chew the mint gums.

As soon as you feel unhealthy cravings for food, chew strong mint. This old and proven method helps you avoid a lot of useless and destructive snacks: in a restaurant, at dinner after work, in front of the TV or computer. Mint-flavored chewing gum "removes" false signs of hunger until you are really hungry.

17. Eat at home.

This does not mean at all that now you have to "give up" the high life and forbid yourself any trip to a restaurant or cafe. Eat homemade meals at least 5 times a week to stay healthy and healthy. Research has shown that eating at restaurants or restaurants outside the home is one of the top habits of successful losers. In the culinary business, everything is much easier than it seems at first glance. After all, stores have everything you need for proper nutrition: freshly washed vegetables, grilled delicacies - that is, everything you need to be creative in the kitchen. In addition, at home you can easily and quickly prepare healthy and simple meals with the maximum benefit for you. The main trick is to plan the menu in advance for the whole week and go shopping on Sunday. Such a plan will help you save money and time.

18. "Correct" sections.

small portions do not threaten food overconsumption

The main habit of all thin people is to eat in small portions. Try to eat slowly, in small portions, and it will soon become a habit. Such a healthy habit will not allow you to eat too much, to stretch your stomach. Cooking large numbers of meals or portions also runs the risk of overeating. Prepare as much food as you need for a meal, no more.

19. Practice the 80% rule.

In the West, people tend to eat until they feel they are overeating. but, for example, in Japan people look like a gorge, 80%. There is no doubt that one of the basic rules says: "You have to get up from the table feeling a little hungry. " This healthy diet even has its own name: hara hachi bu Its main principle is malnutrition. Try this rule by eating slowly and deliberately.

20. Create your own eating style.

It is well known that restaurants often serve large portions. So here are some special tricks to support your weight loss program:

  • Share a first course or salad with a friend.
  • Order the appetizer as your main course.
  • Choose portions for children.
  • When you have already reached the food stop or the 80% limit, ask to finish everything without food and take it with you.
  • On the way from the restaurant, you will encounter homeless and hungry people with everything you ordered but did not eat or leave for your non-struggling household members to be overweight like you.
  • For balance, order fewer snacks and more vegetable salad.
  • Avoid ordering fried foods or foods with a lot of spices in the sauce.

21. Red sauce.

If you can not avoid sauce dishes, then choose red vegetable sauce. For pasta, for example, choose Napolitana sauce over Alfredo, because tomato sauce is usually less nutritious and less greasy than cream sauces. But do not forget the portion size. No matter how low in calories the tomato sauce is, you should not overeat.

22. Fast often.

According to researcher Elaine Magee, a vegetarian diet is one of the most important healthy eating habits. Vegetarians weigh 20% less than those who eat meat. If you decide to fast, then legumes will help you with that. Soy burgers, pea soup and other legume-based dishes are literally packed with fiber, which is good for digestion.

23. Burn 100 extra calories.

How to lose 15 pounds a year while burning an extra 100 calories every day? The trick is to do some simple exercise or activity every day. Try one of the following:

  • 20 minute walk?
  • Work in the garden, in the vegetable garden for an hour or 20 minutes mowing the lawn.
  • 30 minute apartment cleaning?
  • Climbing stairs instead of an elevator or escalator.
  • 15 minutes of stretching every morning or before bed.

24. Praise yourself.

Developing healthy eating habits leads to satisfaction

Once you have developed at least one healthy eating habit or avoided overeating, praise yourself for being one step closer to a healthy lifestyle. Reward yourself by going to the movies, buying new clothes. . . or even a piece of dark chocolate rich in antioxidants. Analysis of results and subsequent reward are the most important aspects of motivation. Step by step, good habits become a healthy lifestyle.

25. Smile!

Do not underestimate the positive effect of simply lifting the corners of the lips. A light walk and a smile will help you feel lighter and happier. After all, optimism is the best ally in the fight against overweight!