Ducan protein diet

Those who dreamed of losing weight have already tried 1000 and 1 way to fight hated pounds. Which diet can be called the most effective today is difficult to answer clearly. However, thanks to the great popularity of the "weight loss" lifestyle and the rich experience of former bun lovers, mankind has learned about many of the most effective weight loss methods, one of which is the Ducan protein diet.

"I can not lose weight" - Pierre Dukan

This bold phrase became the eloquent title of a Russian language book on how to lose weight and stabilize the result. Its author is nutritionist Pierre Dukan, who has been working for many years to find the most effective way to lose weight.

What is useful and interesting to know about the Ducan protein diet

The dietitian from France Ducan confirmed to all the "fighters" for the image that in order to burn his own fats, the body must prevent access to foreign (food fats). This principle became the basis of Dukan's protein weight loss method

Principle # 1 - Only pure healthy protein

"The body needs healthy protein foods, " said a French doctor. At the same time, the protein must come to us in its pure form, without fats, dyes and other additives. What does this protein from Dukan recommend?

There is nothing fundamentally new here. And as a protein, the doctor recommends:

  1. lean boiled or stewed beef, beef, poultry or horse meat;
  2. meat by-products of a similar preparation - liver, kidneys, hearts, tongue, etc.
  3. fish and dishes made from it without oil, canned, smoked, boiled or cooked.
  4. seafood - oysters, shrimp, mussels, crayfish and similar seafood.
  5. boiled or fried eggs without oil.
  6. skimmed dairy products.
protein foods for the Ducan diet

In the first stage, we eat only pure proteins! Nothing else! You will have to endure for 8 - 10 days and, believe me, you will see the first results and after seeing them, you will want more and it will be even easier for you in the future.


  1. Fans of a crispy crust should forget about their culinary tastes - poultry should be eaten skinless (and it is best to cook with the skin on).
  2. You can not eat fatty fish, but the opportunity to collect crabs will please us!

Principle # 2 - The more we want to lose, the less carbs we eat

The harmful effects of carbohydrates on fat burning have long been known. Therefore, the Ducan protein diet virtually excludes carbohydrate-containing foods. In addition, the more pounds a person has, the tighter the protein restrictions. Ducan advises obese people to eliminate carbohydrates completely for the first two weeks.

Dukan does not recommend fizzy drinks, but allows sodas and sweeteners.

Principle # 3 - Get more water and walk

Drinking plenty of clean water is not new to those who are losing weight. Dr. Pierre insists on increasing your water intake to 3 liters per day. You can and should drink at any time, even with food.

Yes, and you will not be able to sit on the couch so that the pounds leave you! Ducan recommends walking a lot and following an intense lifestyle.

Ducan recommends walking a lot

Well, think about it, since you're on a diet, you can just sit in a chair and watch TV. No, this will not work! Go out at night for jogging or at least a walk. If you think you have already worked, then remember: Work kills us, it does not make us healthy!

Important diet feature:

- every day you should eat a few tablespoons of oat bran to replenish the supply of fiber necessary for organs and tissues with weight loss.

Are you ready to start your diet? Then let's get started!

Are you ready to break up with annoying aspects and cellulite once and for all? Then we start learning the Ducan method in stages. And the first task of future owners of stylish forms is to evaluate their desires and motivations.

Understanding the substance and purpose

The Ducan diet works for weight loss

The Ducan diet works - it's a fact. Millions of people around the world have already connected their lives with this diet and are now living a wonderful slim life. We believe that you will also be able to get rid of these extra pounds. Believe in yourself too!

First of all, the doctor advises to clearly understand why and, in fact, what the patient wants. Interestingly, Dukan suggests not only losing weight, but not starting to improve. To do this, you need to carefully study all the principles of the method and plan your further behavior.

Note that you need to approach "your" weight correctly. An indicator as important as BMI (body mass index) is taken into account. According to a simplified system for calculating your normal weight, your height should be squared and multiplied by 24. The result is your "critical" mark on the scales.

Another important point is that only a disciplined patient can master all stages of the Ducan diet. All suggestions and rules here require strict application. Therefore, fans of "tomorrow and after" please sit down.

Ready to get started? Let's start then.

Stage 1: "Strike"

Remember the first principle right away and eat only pure protein products: meat, fish, poultry, eggs and all of the above. Steam, boil and cook dishes. You can season protein foods with a small amount of tomato without sugar or mustard sauce, lemon, vinegar.

Mandatory at this stage - one and a half tablespoons of bran and twenty minutes walk at least once a day.

The "Impact" stage can last from 2 to 10 days. It all depends on your abilities and desires.

Stage 2: "Additional"

After a strong blow to the fat, the body is ready for the next phase, which includes the addition of vegetables. Now the diet becomes protein-vegetable.

the next phase of the Ducan diet with additional vegetables

After the first period of heavy protein, adding vegetables to your diet will help lighten up your life a bit. But do not get carried away too much! In addition to vegetables, we start eating more bran - 3 tablespoons

Feature of this stage:

  • alternating protein days with vegetable proteins. So, for example, today you can eat only pure protein and tomorrow - protein along with vegetables.
  • increase the bran to 3 tbsp.
  • You can almost all vegetables. Overconsumption of food, of course, is not worth it. But you should forget about potatoes, corn, legumes and other "starchy" products for a long time.
  • now we walk even harder - 20 minutes turns into half an hour.

The dilution step should take as many days as necessary to achieve the desired weight. Most of the time, this is one and a half to two months.

Stage 3: "Final"

At this stage, you can already feel like a "human being" by diluting your diet with a small amount of fruit, bread or hard cheese. Eat per day:

  • 100 g. strawberries, 1 orange or a few peaches.
  • a slice of hard cheese.
  • some potatoes, corn or peas.
  • drink, walking and bran are largely considered to be of equal value.

Nice feature:

The most enjoyable thing in the third phase is the fasting days, ie the "loading" days. Once a week, you can arrange a holiday for your body, eat a real lunch with a plate and dessert, and even drink a glass of dry wine.

The last phase must last a specified number of days. It is not difficult to calculate them, you have to multiply the number of kilos that have fallen by 10. The result will be the length of the third stage.

The severity of the diet decreases towards the end of the third phase. So, after half its term, you can already double the "joy" of the forbidden portions. For example, eat a festive dinner with alcohol on Mondays and Thursdays.

Ducan diet reviews

The results of the diet are truly amazing. Here are some of the regular reviews from readers about the Ducan diet:

A wonderful diet! I followed all the rules and lost almost 15 kilos in 3 months. At first it was hard to walk, but then we used to walk to work - just 10 minutes one way and back. A year has passed while I am holding the weight. I started to lose weight in the spring, which I recommend to everyone. This makes it easier and timely for the second stage, vegetables from the garden and fruits appear.

He started eating the Ducan program 2 years ago. It was difficult for the first 2 weeks, then it was easier. And now I do not even notice that this system has become my way of life. At first, I "made a mistake" and started skipping dinners in the first stage. And suddenly the weight stopped! Then I read on the Internet that it is impossible in any case to be self-healing, otherwise the body can "activate the protection function" and stop giving up excess fat.

After a bad experience with diet pills, I no longer hoped to regain my normal forms. I accidentally found out about Ducan diet and I was not excited, but nevertheless I decided to make the last "Chinese" attempt. The result surprised me. In the first week of the initial stage, I lost 10 kilos. Plus, of course, the weight didn't melt so fast, but over the next 2 months it took another 8 pounds. I recommend it to everyone, you will not regret it!

When I heard about the Ducan method, at first I saw no difference from the "Kremlin diet". I sat on it 2 years ago, I lost weight, however, and I have a stomach ulcerHowever, she was skeptical of Ducan. I decided to try to convince a friend. So we started losing weight together. I weighed 81 kg, my friend - 70. In the first week we had almost no results - only 1 kg left. But in the second stage, the weight began to disappear right before our eyes. We are excited!

Try Dukan's weight loss system. I had my thyroid removed, I drink hormones. After the operation, I started to recover immediately, I could not lose weight in any way. Ducan's method was right for me! I started to lose weight only from the second stage, I lost only 11 kg. For me, this is a great result! I now weigh 55.