Exercises for slimming the abdomen and ribs

The abdomen is a problem for all people who are losing weight or dreaming of losing weight. Fortunately, it is not at all difficult to get rid of belly fat with the help of a diet and a series of simple exercises presented below in the form of photos and videos.

You can do endless cramps, pump your abs, but without dieting to lose weight in your abdomen and ribs, weight loss will not work. Proper nutrition is a huge asset to achieve results.

Warm up

Each exercise should begin with a five-minute warm-up. This can be a jump rope, a hoop, running and squatting in place, bending at the sides and so on. The main thing is to warm the muscles and joints well, to disperse the blood and to prepare mentally for the upcoming stress.

Next, we proceed to simple exercises for weight loss at home. For the first few weeks, try not to change the order of the exercises and do everything strictly according to the instructions. If you can not do the required repetitions, do not be discouraged. After two or three workouts, you will master them.

Stop deceiving yourself

Before reading further, I will ask you 1 question. Are you still looking for a work diet or a magic weight loss pill?

I hasten to disappoint you, IT IS NOT A DIET that will help you lose weight for a long time.

And all the "weight loss products" advertised on the Internet are a complete scam. Merchants simply make a lot of money from your innocence.

Exercise photos

Exercise 1: Alternative leg augmentation.

Interchangeable leg exercise

Lie on the floor with a blanket or rug underneath. Lift your legs as shown in the photo. Then lower your left foot without touching the bottom of the floor and raise it to its original position. Then do the same with the right foot, and so on. Continue the abdominal exercise for 45 seconds.

Training area: upper and lower abdomen.

Exercise 2: Lying on the floor.

Exercise lying on the floor

Take position 1, as shown in the picture above, with your arms behind your head and your legs bent at the knees. Then we start rotating alternately on the right and left side. At the top of the exercise, you should touch the back of your thigh with your palm. We do it 20 times in each direction.

Exercise 3: Keep burning the ribs.

lateral slimming exercise

The following side slimming exercises are very effective and, despite the obvious difficulties of execution, are easily performed at home.

Take the first stop as in the photo, bend your right hand at the elbow and place it on the right side. This exercise requires excessive concentration and tension in the abdominal and lateral muscles. Once you are in the right position, start moving your waist up and down, trying not to weaken your stomach at the bottom. After 20 reps, move to the other side and do the same.

Exercise 4: Lateral turns.

Exercise turns sides

This is similar to the classic abdominal exercise, but is complicated by peak recurrence and core stiffness. It perfectly engages the upper abdomen and the oblique - that is, these same miserable sides. The effort required to keep the torso in a 45 degree position adds extra static load.

Take a starting position with your hands in front of you, as shown in the picture. Then start rotating the body in one direction and the other, keeping at the same angle to the horizon: 25 repetitions in each direction.

Exercise 5: abdominal swing with raised legs.

Exercise turn the press with raised legs

Here we will train the lower and upper abdomen, followed by fat destruction and weight loss. Quite an effective lesson that took place along a bare trajectory of movement.

So, lifting our legs, we take position 1. Stretch our arms in front of us and try to touch our legs 30 times, as shown in the picture. It's very simple.

Exercise 6: Alternative leg augmentation.

Interchangeable leg exercise

Again, there is nothing difficult about running, but unfortunately not everyone can perform the required number of iterations the first time. Keep your torso and legs straight and do not let your buttocks get damaged and touch the floor.

Exercise 7: Lift your torso and legs.

Exercise for lifting the torso and legs

This is the most difficult but also the most effective exercise for losing weight in the abdomen and ribs. You can do this in two ways: lying on the floor, as shown in the photo, or sitting on a bench. We are considering an option that can be made at home, because not everyone has a store.

Lay yourself on the floor as shown in the photo. Do not help your hands while moving, they should only help maintain balance. In the down position, keep your feet in weight without touching the floor with your heels.

For women who want to achieve faster weight loss, I advise you to boost each workout as follows:

  1. turn on your favorite music so that the songs go one after the other without interruption.
  2. stand on the floor with your feet shoulder width apart and pull your belt with your hands (to make the letter f).
  3. start active alternate turns left and right during a song.
  4. then, without a break to rest, we press our fists on the chin and rotate our body to the right and left, in the same way until the song is over.
  5. is a very effective side-by-side weight loss exercise that can be done twenty minutes or more after exercise and 45 minutes separately.

These simple movements can be done after each workout and any other day, at least 7 times a week. We recommend that you do basic training every other day.

We have reviewed the most effective weight loss exercises for the abdomen and waist ears, which can be completed by you in the process of knowledge and experience.

To improve the results

Home exercises for slimming the abdomen and ribs along with diets give good results in a short time. However, there are some nuances that can enhance the effect of exercise and reduce the time to results.

  1. The best time to do cardio is the morning before breakfast. Traffic requires energy, which is usually taken from the daily menu. In the morning, the stomach is empty and our body immediately consumes fat from the sides and abdomen.
  2. Abdominal weight loss exercises should be intense, with an increase in heart rate. The pulse is an indirect indicator of intensity. So, for example, for a woman in her 30s and at a resting heart rate of 65 beats per minute, the optimal pulse for weight loss is 109 beats per minute, or 18 in 10 seconds. You can calculate your optimal heart rate using an electronic calculator.
  3. you have to sweat to lose weight. If you do not sweat, then you just do not perfect and do not do the exercises not intensively: it will not make sense.
  4. Abdominal slimming exercises should be performed on an empty stomach and without drinking water. Strength or cardio training usually involves drinking plenty of water, but not in this case. The water will tickle your stomach unpleasantly, distract you and prevent you from giving your best.
  5. skip dinner if you study in the evening. After physical exercise, the metabolism speeds up to an unprecedented level and everything that enters the stomach is burned in this furnace. And if the stomach is empty, subcutaneous fat is consumed.

Drawing conclusions

We have researched, studied a bunch of materials and, most importantly, tried most of the diets and medications for weight loss. The verdict is:

The diets only gave temporary results, as soon as the diet stopped - the excess weight returned immediately.

Remember! IT IS NOT A NUTRITION that will help you lose weight if you are predisposed to be overweight.

The new weight loss products that the Internet is full of did not work. As it turns out, all this is a scam of marketers who make a lot of money from the fact that they are fooling you with their advertising.