Buckwheat diet for weight loss: menus, recipes and benefits

In this article, you will learn why you need a buckwheat diet.Buckwheat diet for weight lossRead nutrition reviews and diversify your menu for each day. And you will discover the secret of water in a weight loss diet.

The beginning of the warm season always causes concern for the beautiful half of humanity for their appearance. A whole series of guests form at hairdressers, manicures and pedicures, and the scales in the house are removed from the cupboard and wiped. After the first weigh-in, the Internet begins to attack with search queries about ways to lose weight fast and effectively. The list of the most effective methods includes buckwheat diet for weight loss. Therefore, we will look in detail at its detailed description, features and recipes, and we will also evaluate its benefits for the body.

The main substance of the buckwheat diet

As with any mono-diet, buckwheat only needs one main product. The diet should not contain various spices, as well as other foods, even low in calories. The essence of this type of diet is the sharp reduction of the amount of micronutrients consumed to the minimum necessary for normal life. As a result, the body reacts strongly to the lack, starting to consume internal resources, including body fat.

A person's diet when switching to a buckwheat diet for weight loss should start from the day of unloading. To prepare the body for the upcoming test, the so-called "zero" day must be cleansing. During the day, you should drink an increased amount of water (up to 3 liters) and eat only on time. The portions should be small so that during the day it does not leave the feeling of hunger.

Allowed foods should be low in calories:

  • cucumbers?
  • green apples?
  • non-fat cottage cheese.

You can choose one of them or combine them all. Meals should be made every two hours, their total amount should be 5-6 times. The latter should be eaten three hours before bedtime.

Daily diet menu

The main menu, as the name suggests, consists of buckwheat prepared according to a special recipe.

  1. The daily volume of cereals (maximum - 500 grams) should be poured with boiling water in the ratio: 100 grams of buckwheat - 200 ml of water.
  2. Cover the dishes and place in a warm place overnight.
  3. In the morning, the steamed porridge taken should be divided by the number of receptions. We remind you that you can not salt, pepper or sugar, and the addition of other products is excluded.

By consuming this type of buckwheat every day, you can have amazing results. Already in the first days, you can lose up to two kilos of excess weight and if you follow such a strict regime for 7 days, the plumbing line will be up to 5 kg. You can extend this food option for up to 14 days, but the second week should be differentiated with other foods, reducing the amount of buckwheat.

An example menu might look like this.

  1. food intake: 100 grams of buckwheat with kefir, preferably low fat, in a quantity of 100 ml ± 350 kcal.
  2. food intake: low-fat cottage cheese 100 grams with a tablespoon of sour cream 20% (20 grams) ± 113 kcal;
  3. food intake: 100 grams of buckwheat with boiled chicken breast (120 grams) and cucumber (100-150 grams) ± 499 kcal;
  4. food intake: green apple 100-150 grams ± 70 kcal;
  5. food intake: boiled pink salmon 100 grams with lettuce ± 183 kcal;
  6. meal: a glass of low fat ± 37 kcal.

The total total number of calories will be 1252 kcal, which is the lowest allowable limit for normal human activity. At the same time, the diet will contain a minimal amount of the necessary micronutrients, however, if a diet is carried out out of season, it is necessary to supplement it by taking a multivitamin complex. This will help ensure strong immunity and lead to weight loss.

Less drastic options for buckwheat diet for weight loss

A single diet presupposes that a person consumes only one product for at least a week. This is a rather serious constraint that not everyone is ready to endure. Therefore, there are ways that will be more acceptable to the average person.

For example, a basic buckwheat diet consumed with a variety of complementary foods:

  • with kefir?
  • with milk?
  • with tomatoes and celery.
  • green.

Each of the listed options can be combined daily, changing additional products.

Why buckwheat diet

Buckwheat contains a large amount of vegetable protein, which is essential for the nutrition of muscle fibers. In addition, cereals are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Specifically, it contains potassium, magnesium, iodine and iron.

In addition, it is easy to digest, does not cause weight and it is almost impossible to eat too much. The amount of fat is minimal and is less than one gram per 100 grams of buckwheat, the amount of protein is almost the same as milk and the carbohydrates in the composition are slow, that is, the feeling of fullness will last longer.

Reviews for nutritionists and doctors

The buckwheat diet for weight loss does not provoke positive reactions from professionals dealing with nutritional issues. It is not difficult to understand the reasons - a large and abrupt weight loss, combined with a stressful situation and calorie deficit, can paralyze even a very healthy body.

However, the opinion about the buckwheat mono-diet is not so categorical. Doctors have a positive attitude towards these cereals due to its advantages and rich composition. In addition, if you adhere to the recommended time - no more than 14 days, you can get the result without harm to health.

It is also worth noting that after the end of a high-calorie fast, you need to radically review your diet.

  • First, saturation with fiber, vitamins and minerals. The amount of protein should be only slightly less than the amount of carbohydrates, so that the body has the power to build and nourish the muscles.
  • Second, you need to strictly monitor your calorie intake after stopping the buckwheat diet for weight loss. If you change the function of their excessive amount again, the weight will not only return, but will increase even more.

The importance of water in buckwheat diet

Separately, the need to consume a minimum amount of water should be noted. Why is diet so important?

  • First, water has a dense structure, which, though not for long, fills the stomach space. Reacts to such an effect as a sign of satiety. As a result, the feeling of hunger goes away for at least half an hour.
  • Second, the main element of our body is water. Almost all the tissue is made up of it, the cells are saturated with it. Therefore, it is extremely important to provide at least an acceptable level of humidity in order to balance the body's stress state. This will help maintain the necessary blood viscosity to feel good.
  • Third, water is an absolutely nutritious product. There are exactly zero kcal per 100 grams, which means completely harmless for diets.

Secrets of organizing the healthy consumption of beverages

Often people who experience the need for high fluid intake for the first time do not know how to get used to it. Scientists who have studied the working mechanism of habits claim that it takes from one week to six months to develop reflexes - a lot depends on the complexity. It takes an average of two to four weeks to train yourself to drink the right amount of water.

During this period, you should place half-liter bottles in all the prominent parts and take a few sips as soon as your eyes fall on this new piece of furniture. In addition, before each meal, you should drink 150 - 250 ml and you should also start your day with a glass of water at room temperature.

Drink in small sips and if you feel a slight nausea, add mint, lemon juice or orange peel to the liquid.

It should be noted that the rate of fluid intake is different for everyone. Therefore, it is not worth following the principle of two liters strictly, because it is an approximate average. However, this amount is usually suitable for most people on our planet. If, however, the discomfort starts from this use of water, try to gradually reduce the percentage by 100-200 ml.

What results can be achieved with a buckwheat diet

Most people who choose one or the other short term calorie restriction system pay close attention to the result. You can read the reviews of people who have used this method or calculate the possible result independently. In any case, these assumptions will be strictly individual and will be based on the characteristics of each individual. Since such a system has been designed for a short time due to the rarity of the diet and the gradual exhaustion of the body, assumptions are made with kefir or two at most.

During the first 7 days, you can say goodbye to a weight of 2 to 5 kg. Much depends on the initial weight. The fact is that for people who weigh over 70 kg, the minimum limit of caloric intake by the body is 1700 kcal per day at rest. By reducing the diet to 1565 kcal (500 grams of buckwheat), a deficit of 135 kcal is achieved, as well as extra calories burned while walking, doing chores at home, cooking and even sleeping.

In the second week, for even greater results, the amount can be reduced even more, but watch your well-being carefully. In case of doubt about the state of health, it is necessary to stop such a diet.

The result you get will surprise you not only with a large number of lost pounds. Many, comparing the photos before and after, see not only a reduction in body volume in all parts, but also the absence of unpleasant consequences in the form of sagging skin, stretch marks and deteriorating health. In addition, during a buckwheat diet for weight loss, there is no chance of hair loss, brittle nails or peeling skin, as the synthesis of vitamins and minerals will not harm the body.